Recitals can mark the milestones of your musical career through the culmination of years of hard work and practice. There is no better way to commemorate these moments than with a professional video of your performance that you’d be happy to share with friends, family, and recruiters. Recital videos can also be used as audition tapes to push your musical career forward, whether that be through the pursuit of higher education or the opportunity to play alongside your dream orchestra.




With multiple high quality camera angles, every moment of your special night is captured with unique and artistic perspectives.



High Quality audio

Whether we record your performance with our own high quality audio recording equipment, or connect with the venue’s built in microphones, your video is guaranteed to sound just as good as it did live!





Jazz drummer, composer, and CSUN Masters Graduate Jeremy Stacey in his Master's Recital.


CSUN Masters Graduate and composer Claudio Alcantar conducting an orchestral performance.

Solo Performances

Trumpet Soloist and CSUN Graduate Grover Tiburcio in his graduating solo trumpet recital.

Unique Projects

A unique project led by CSUN Graduate Bryan Barcinas that combined storytelling with unique visuals and music performances.


Short Performance - $350

If your performance is less than 2.5 hours, this base package has you covered with 3 camera angles and further custom options to suit your needs

Long Performance - $400

If your performance is longer than 2.5 hours with an intermission, this package is for you! Coverage for 4.5 hours, providing the same 3 camera angles to start.

Custom quote

We provide custom services for more elaborate performances. This includes more angles, photos, better sound are just some of the available options. If this sounds like your upcoming performance, be sure to contact us to lock in your special night!


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